The Challenge

A Century at Robson Hall, tells the story of a century of achievement in an academic environment and makes it a visual and compelling history – worthy of the coffee table or display case – and not a dusty bookshelf.

Our Solution

For over a century Robson Hall has been at the legal heart of Manitoba – educating some of the past century’s leading legal minds. With Perceptible’s unique blend of creative, design, digital and print production expertise, we completed the following activities:

  • Marketing strategy/vision of a visual narrative history rather than a text-heavy tone
  • A non-linear chapter approach where each chapter represented a distinct quality of the Faculty
  • Archive collection and development of key figures and events in the past 100 years
  • Concept development, design and photo retouching/enhancement
  • Editorial development, writing and copy editing
  • Pre-press and full print production management
  • Project management
U of M book stack

The Result

“Philip Bliss cajoled and project-managed, David Beyer brought his Manitoban sensitivity and fine artistic skills, and other members of the team at Perceptible chased words and images, copy editors and printers to bring this volume from concept to beautiful keepsake and conversation piece.”

Lorna Turnbull
Dean, Faculty of Law

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