The Challenge

How to differentiate Six Nation’s Polytechnic (SNP) and set them apart from other higher education institutions, yet retain a real sense of openness and diversity to non-Indigenous applicants.

Our Solution

A long-term plan and marketing strategy was developed and implemented to ensure the school's immediate enrollment goals were met and future enrollment goals are surpassed.

Perceptible’s Education for Everyone campaign was transformational and delivered a new level of local interest and student enrollment. This approach along with a new brand and web presence utilizing the ZaboutMe platform was a game changer.

SNP’s new brand and website now positions them as a credible institution of higher education, focusing on valuable Indigenous Knowledge, education and skills training for everyone who is interested in learning. SNP’s new site design with Zaboutme™ engages their various audiences and improves their relationship management with students, faculty, staff and the Indigenous-based learning community.


SNP screenshot

The Result

During the campaign, the SNP4ME and the existing Six Nations Polytechnic website saw 22,444 new visitors. The entire advertising campaign (digital and traditional out-of-home) resulted in a 0.89% conversion rate. With the support of digital marketing campaigns, SNP's website visits have increased to over 1000/day and conversions (application and enrolments) have increased over 50% from previous years. It is expected these numbers will continue to climb as marketing and advertising initiatives are ongoing.

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