The Challenge

How to launch a new technology which replaces today's cloud technologies with a simple to install and use software-only, into a recognized global enterprise solution for secure, remote access, file sharing and collaboration.

Our Solution

Perceptible was engaged to transform FileFlex's international brand presence and re-language their marketing messages. The deliverables we are providing represents a full slate of deliverables which includes rebranding, UX design, written and visual content MSP recruitment and media relations.

Most importantly, as part of LaunchPad we play an ongoing daily role with our team being the core strategy and marketing group – that works as an on and offsite extension of the company.

This LaunchPad initiative shows that emerging companies can contract out their strategy and content activities until the focus is developed and international market penetration is sustained.

FileFlex Screen

The Result

Since the launch of these new LaunchPad initiatives, awareness has increased dramatically and Qnext is now building an international MSP network for its enterprise product distribution and gaining end-user activations. 

Let's Work Together