Perceptible's Brand Story

Sep 19, 2019 | Lesley Dumlao


The definition of Perceptible is “capable of being perceived especially by the senses”. It means something that is apprehensible, real or existent. The significant thing about perception, is it can be seen differently depending on the audience and onlooker. Our name, and our brand has evolved over the past 5 years, and we have created a story that tells of our new brand process and our values. Perceptible uses “Outside-In” thinking to create solutions and measurable change for people, organizations and businesses. As our name suggests, we are a “seeing-is-believing” company. One that works consistently toward tangible results, for our clients and for ourselves. We’re producers at our core – inventors, artists, writers and makers of things. Perceptible harnesses the power of intelligent marketing (digital marketing, content and technology) to create engagement and deliver tremendous results. We work from the outside in – as an onlooker, to give clients a holistic solution to problems; a solution they may not be able to perceive as someone from within the organization.


Our new logo symbolizes what our name suggests. We believe an effective logo should do 5 things:

  1. Speak for itself
  2. Work well with many treatments
  3. Be recognizable in some way
  4. Be a source of inspiration, and
  5. Convey what your brand represents.

We have designed our new logo to represent us at our core, and the different perceptions that can happen within marketing. Our creative director, David Beyer designed this logo while commuting on the subway in Toronto. Doodling scrappily in his notebook, he brainstormed ways to incorporate many dimensions and perceptions into the letter “P”, a “visual trick” so to speak. His inspiration was M.C. Escher, an artist who has a magical element, and creates exquisite, beautiful and mathematical images using shapes that fool the eye, and can be viewed differently by varying audiences. David also pulled in influence from Bauhaus, which is forward thinking and innovative in nature – truly a technological and advanced font. The duality of Bauhaus and M.C. Escher is what Perceptible embodies.


The colours we selected for our new brand are secondary colours, not primary, as would normally be chosen by designers. Why? We’ve used quieter colours (living coral as our primary, and slate grey as secondary) as we believe marketing itself has changed, and we as a marketing agency believe in that change. Marketing is now more about client and user engagement, and should be subtle and not “salesy”, putting the client journey first. It is about them and not about us. We believe this is the new modern way to build relations with people who become more than your clients, they become your partners.

Please let us know your thoughts about this new perspective on design and branding. We are proud to have created our new identity using this vision and process, and we’re truly thrilled to unveil it for you, the user.