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Canada's Podcast Interview with Patricia (Tish) Conlin

Aug 22, 2019 | Leandro Dumlao

Patricia (Tish) Conlin heads up the Global Consulting Group Inc. ( (GCG), a leading talent solutions company with over 25 years finding leaders for our clients in IT, Engineering, Real Estate, Finance and Healthcare companies. GCG has end to end solutions for talent acquisition, Executive coaching, wellness and transition along with Retirement transition solutions. As well as building GCG Tish is passionate about wellness.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Emotional and Social Intelligence Trainer and Black Belt Martial Artist, Tish has seen the difference coaching makes to improve lives and performance. Tish is a well know speaker and her first “ABCs of Food: Boost your Energy, Confidence and Success” is now available, and she is writing her second book on building inner resilience. Listen to all the great podcasts at or subscribe and set reminders to get our latest podcasts on YouTube. We encourage you to leave a comment letting us know how you liked the interview and share any entrepreneurial insights you might have.