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About Six Nations Polytechnic

Six Nations Polytechnic (SNP) is a unique post-secondary organization, recognized by community, government and institutions of higher learning as a Centre of Excellence for Indigenous Knowledge. SNP is located in Canada’s most populous First Nation and offers post-secondary education and training that focuses on the preservation, application and creation of knowledge specific to Ogwehoweh languages and culture.

Perceptible worked with SNP to develop a new, more robust website, using the Zaboutme™ Intelligent Engagement Platform, cultivate a long-term strategic enrolment plan and develop and implement an integrated marketing communication campaign.

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Deliverables Provided

New logo and brand development

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Strategy/vision for an intelligent engagement platform

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Digital and out-of-home advertising

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User experience and user interface design

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Creation of various permissions and workflows to manage user interaction

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Customization of privacy, communication preferences and permissions for Members and Staff

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CMS and CRM training accompanied by a robust user manual

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Website wireframes, layout and design

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Written and visual content development

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Development of a private member network for SNP faculty, staff, students and the Indigenous Knowledge Centre members

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CRM interface and configuration for event management (registration and management)

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Implementation of custom e-commerce interfaces for store and membership transactions

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Cloud hosting and continuing support

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New branding was developed to position the college as ‘the’ higher education choice for Six Nation’s Indigenous studies and as an Indigenous based learning community, for all who are committed to learning.

Based on the new style guide, promotional materials, stationary and templates were created for SNP to use moving forward.

A long-term enrolment plan and marketing strategy were developed and implemented to ensure the school's immediate enrolment goals were met and future enrolment goals are surpassed.

The SNP site was designed and developed to ensure the best possible user experience for the client’s target markets. In addition, they wanted the new site to position them as a leading source of Indigenous knowledge and resources, for all of Canada.

The Zaboutme™ Intelligent Engagement Platform for SNP allows faculty, staff, student and Indigenous Knowledge Centre members to develop and facilitate relationships, to share knowledge and experiences, to access a large reservoir of Indigenous research and resources and to receive event and conference notifications with quick registration and e-commerce capabilities.

Strategy Design

A new logo and branding was developed that re-positioned SNP and set their site apart from other higher education institutions. Logos for SNP's 25th anniversary and additional stylistic approaches to the brand were created to get people excited about the school.

Working in partnership with SNP, Perceptible's site design team incorporated culturally relevant branding into user friendly UI/UX designs and content. The new web UX addressed the needs of various audience types and SNP’s culturally specific positioning as the Centre of Excellence for Indigenous Knowledge.

Perceptible created a comprehensive set of designs that demonstrated the various style attribute choices for the SNP site and member network's functionality (buttons, headings, blocks etc.). A wireframe was developed for every page and then hosted on InVision's wireframe software so that SNP could test and demo the pre-alpha site to their various stakeholders, before the actual configuration began.

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The Zaboutme™ Intelligent Engagement Platform's robust functionality allows SNP to manage all the interactive elements of their site, to meet the needs of their various audiences. Examples of the functionality found on the SNP site include robust membership capabilities, online course, event and workshop registration, Indigenous resource and research libraries and expert access, facility booking management, rating systems, e-commerce, interactive collaboration and networking capabilities for Members.

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Measurable Results

SNP’s new brand and website positions them as a credible institution of higher education, focusing on valuable Indigenous Knowledge, education and skills training for everyone who is interested in learning.

SNP’s new site design with Zaboutme™ engages their various audiences and improves their relationship management with students, faculty, staff and the Indigenous-based learning community. 

With the support of online marketing campaigns, SNP's website visits have increased to over 1000/day and conversions (application and enrolments) have increased over 50% from previous years. It is expected these numbers will continue to climb as marketing and advertising initiatives are ongoing.

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