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Getting the brand and positioning right means that customer engagement becomes a demand-generation experience.

About FileFlex

Qnext Corp. is a global developer of a disruptive app called FileFlex which replaces todays cloud technologies with a simple to install and use software-only solution.

Perceptible works with Qnext to provide product marketing, product development and positioning strategies to define the business needs of their current customers and end users and to define business models for the development of new markets.

The FileFlex product line provides file access virtualization technology that allows files to be available anytime from anywhere from their source locations, behind the firewall, through a secure and private network tunnel and single dashboard. Any server, notebook, desktop, SAN or NAS can essentially become an individual or company-owned private cloud.

Perceptible partnered with Qnext to help develop their product strategies and build new product presence that supported the defined marketing strategies, for FileFlex, and that showcased the product line to An Enterprise and MSP marketplace.

About FileFlex
Deliverables Provided

Business and marketing strategy

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Website wireframes, layout and design

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User experience and user interface design

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Written and visual content development

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Fully responsive WordPress website build

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Site packaging for distribution to partners

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MSP strategies

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Media relations

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Digital marketing campaigns

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New visual imagery, revised product language and presentation have been developed for the FileFlex site, to support Qnext’s market push of the FileFlex product line, a relatively new software product that allows sharing of files from behind the firewall… no cloud required. The site had to supply relevant product information to consumer, enterprise and MSP markets and entice the downloading/lead generation of the product demo, for evaluation.

The website was designed to visually highlight all the unique features of the product, for both the consumer and professional markets, including the ease of obtaining support. Product trials, purchase downloads and installation instructions can be found in various areas of the site.

Strategy Logo

Working with the FileFlex product marketing team, Perceptible's marketing and site design team developed user friendly UI/UX designs and content that showcases the FileFlex product line for both the consumer and professional markets.

Perceptible created a comprehensive set of designs that visually highlighted the unique features of the FileFlex product. Wireframes were developed, that outlined the direction for the site’s design, and then hosted, on InVision's wireframe software, so Qnext could test the usability of the site and edit the content before the actual build began.

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The new FileFlex site design was transferred to the existing WordPress framework for a quick and seamless implementation.

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Measurable Result

The new FileFlex website supports the marketing and business strategies developed for the product line and highlights the product’s features and benefits, displaying them clearly and concisely to multiple markets.  

Since the launch of this new site enterprise market exposure has increased dramatically and Qnext is now building an international MSP network for its product distribution

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