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Textbook Member Engagement for One of Canada's Largest Teacher's Unions

About ETFO Voice

Voice is the magazine of 76,000 elementary teachers and educators in Ontario, facilitating a conversation among its members and beyond that considers relevant issues such as educators’ daily work, interests, innovation in teaching practice, policy, resources, perspectives on education and collaboration with community partners.

For the past four years, Perceptible has worked with the Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario (ETFO) to produce the ETFO Voice magazine, in both traditional and digital formats. Perceptible developed ETFO’s new website to showcase the magazine and provide relevant content to their readers that was easily accessible and compliant with the new website accessibility laws.

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Deliverables Provided

New logo and brand development

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SEO refinement and Google Analytics management and reporting

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Ongoing web development and support

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Quarterly e-magazine setup and support

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Magazine website rebuild, meeting AODA WCAGII compliance

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Legacy data import and checking

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Quarterly magazine design and production

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Quarterly e-newsletter

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Perceptible recommended a contemporary website that would be more interactive for users and fully compliant with AODA requirements. The secondary requirement of a more manageable site for their non-technical staff was address with a Drupal 7 CMS site build that made updating the site content quick and easy.

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Perceptible organizes ETFO’s article and advertising content then designs the printed magazine. This content is then tailored to create the digital publication, website and newsletter. Perceptible refines how the content is displayed, in the various formats, and provides the ‘ETFO Voice’ audience with the best possible experiences and accessibility for all including users with disabilities.

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Drupal 7 CMS is the configuration behind the new ETFO Voice website; ensuring compliance with AODA WCAG II technical requirements with the most secure and reliable database setup. Scripts were developed to modify and migrate the legacy data from WordPress to Drupal’s database configuration. Google Analytics, advanced advertising analytics and newsletter analytics were added to provide information on subscriber behaviour and site usage

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Measurable Result

Perceptible services, technology, and expertise took one of Canada's largest teacher's unions into today's need for maximizing member engagement by integrating traditional paper, web, social and e-publishing platforms.

This Perceptible produced magazine received the 2017/2018 Katie FitzRandolph Award for best overall regular print publication!

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