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Looking after the customer from the outside in means building a compelling user experience for existing customers - so they can build a closer relationship.

About Brook Furniture Rental

Brook Furniture Rental provides high quality, stylish rental furniture for both the residential and business markets.

Perceptible was contracted to refresh Brook Furniture's B2B web portal, to simplify their ordering process and to provide a visually stimulating experience for their clients.

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Deliverables Provided

UI/UX Design

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Project Managament

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A user friendly B2B ordering portal was designed to visually simplified the ordering process, from a customer perspective, while complementing Brook Furniture's brand positioning as an upscale, high quality supplier of both office and home furniture.

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Perceptible developed new UI/UX designs, for the Brook Furniture portal that personalized the user experience while allowing users to easily view and select furniture pieces, then intuitively complete their on-line order.

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Measurable Result

The new Intranet UX for Brook Furniture made it much easier for their B2B clients to review, schedule and place orders. User experience on the back-end of a site is equally as important as the user experience on the "public" selling site.

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