Stop, Think, Focus, Execute is a proven strategic framework that has helped some of the world’s greatest business leaders achieve success

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Stop, Think, Focus, Execute or STFE is a proven planning approach, developed over the past thirty years, that has taken many owners, companies and products to new heights. STFE is an organic process - and like most organic items - miss a step and the idea withers. The process delivers a quick impact on your business; STFE is always valuable, a conscious step that leads to growth and success

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STOP: Most significant achievements are made when you take the time to STOP…to move into thoughtful, decisive isolation and really consider your life, your business, everything.

THINK: Ok we all think – but when it's after a decisive STOP moment in your life the thinking process takes on a new, distinct value. It is the pathway to your re-direction; not a simple pivot (something that is usually done because you didn’t think enough).

FOCUS: Thinking your way to new possibilities is great – but it is your ability to FOCUS that realizes these possibilities. FOCUS is really the planning – the detail that is required to let you reach new heights.

EXECUTE: It’s obvious – but it isn’t. So often poor execution kills a great plan. Do you have the right people? Can you make enough product if demand goes through the roof? What about cash flow? Is your marketing investment enough? It’s important to make sure that you have the talent and resources to make your plan work. Great execution is about measuring and reacting constantly… keeping FOCUS and not losing ground.