Philip Bliss

Philip Bliss

Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Philip is a digital pioneer who has been at the forefront of digital media development for twenty years. He has founded and grown 3 market-leading marketing agencies and two internet product companies.

Philip’s national and international track record includes many educational, non-profit, American Indian and technology clients, including the Smithsonian Institution, Brock University, University of Toronto, Tyndale University & Seminary, Confederation College, Fanshawe College, Western University, Indspire Foundation, Microsoft, Samsung, NEC, and Cisco Systems.

Philip focuses on developing effective product, marketing and technology strategies and on providing the technological infrastructure to manage these. He is passionate about the creation of “member” communities and has designed a number of web-based marketing products that support this.

Philip heads up the practice with a focus on innovative strategic, policy, marketing and product development initiatives. Philip holds an HBA in English and Media Studies from the University of Stirling, Scotland.


Organizations who change their online business model and make peer-to-peer online communities their main value preposition, will see their customer base and their business grow.