The Zaboutme Intelligent Engagement Platform combines content management, private collaboration and intelligent data.

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Zaboutme means that organizations no longer need to separate their website from their intranet or from their portal. Perceptible’s ZaboutmeTM Intelligent Engagement Platform can help you build your own on-line communities, within one single platform, with AI-driven intelligence, a single management dashboard and a license to manage content, data and admin.

Ten good reasons to choose Perceptible's Zaboutme Intelligent Engagement Platform

  1. A Single Portal to manage web-based customer relationships, marketing, content and transactions seamlessly on a single platform without multiple cloud subscriptions.
  2. A robust Contact Management system that builds one record for each contact, including a detailed profile and history of each member.
  3. A complete set of communications tools that allow for the building of member lists and the creation of personalizing content, to establish effective end user relationships.
  4. Development and Implementation of effective marketing communication campaigns with the ability to manage mailings, events, newsletters, activities and promotions.
  5. Campaign Tracking and Analyses.
  6. Robust reporting that allows organizations to continually assess the success of their CRM usage.
  7. Improved conversion and communications with your on-line communities.
  8. Increased online productivity through a single management dashboard and one - not multiple - subscription.
  9. Open source license.
  10. Ongoing technical support.

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Today's end users want to interact naturally with organizations. It's not about you, it’s about them. Zaboutme is a new way for organizations to manage web-based customer relationships (almost all relationships), marketing, content and transactions seamlessly on a single platform without multiple cloud subscriptions.

“Organizations who change their online business model and make peer-to-peer online communities their main value proposition, will see their customer base and their business grow... Zaboutme allows this to happen,” Philip Bliss, Chief Strategy Officer, Perceptible.

Zaboutme enables organizations to add secure social and sharing capabilities to online employee and customer relationship processes; fostering innovation by integrating knowledge management into business processes so members can share information and solve business problems more efficiently.

Fresh content marketing, social collaboration and user-driven relationships have the potential to radically modify traditional communications by improving an organization’s ability to search for, discover and promote content, knowledge and information. For the customer it means tailored information and relationships with no nagging prompts from unknown vendors.

Zaboutme alleviates intranet/extranet/cloud headaches, by putting your web customer and vendor relationships in one platform so you can manage content, subscriptions and data efficiently - one password and one dashboard.

The right platform investment provides organizations with the opportunity to create and share actionable insights in the right business context, quickly and efficiently. Zaboutme’s fully scalable platform grows and expands as needed, whether it’s a small office system or a multi-location portal the system can change as an organization grows. Its flexible framework is built to scale to your performance needs now and in the future.