Enterprise Class Drupal Applications

Enterprise Class Drupal Applications

Cost-effective open source Drupal configurations.

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Perceptible’s cost-effective open source Drupal configurations fast track businesses into enterprise class applications. Sites are easily developed and customized with the latest Drupal release and selected modules designed to support most enterprise web operations. You can get your business up and running quickly with a standard Drupal configuration with thoroughly tested core and module components. A fast and reliable implementation of an open source product, plus a content management interface that makes managing your site and site content easy and affordable.

Eleven good reason to choose Perceptible's Drupal based CMS

  1. Open Source License
  2. Mobile First Responsive Design
  3. On-going Technical and Community Support
  4. Easy-to-use
  1. Multi-platform
  2. Enterprise Integration
  3. Security & Permissions
  4. Customizable Design Templates
  1. Single Sign-on Service
  2. Multi-site Capabilities
  3. Multi-language Capabilities

Perceptible developers begin with a base Drupal configuration and then begin creating a custom application, based on the user-interface designs provided by our creative team. User functionality is then added to the site by extending Drupal through its module API. The core of Drupal remains unchanged, ensuring that organizations are able to easily support and upgrade their sites. All custom work is completed as extensions, for easy upgrading of new Drupal releases.  

By default, our Drupal-based applications create URLs that reflect your site’s hierarchy, and this can help with search engine optimization. Additionally, we include a community module for Drupal that allows you to control the metadata for the pages, which if used properly, can improve SEO.

Our systems are fully compliant with AODA, WCAG 2, the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.  Rules are enforced through custom extensions and configuration of Drupal so that the content created by content editors will continue to be compliant with accessibility laws.  Other accessibility features, such as navigating the site using the keyboard and text size controls are enabled in our configuration of Drupal. Perceptible  performs a complete audit of each developed site to ensure compliance with both AODA and W3C accessibility standards.