Ontario Global 100 Private Member Network

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Ontario Global 100 Private Member Network

About the Client

The Ontario Global 100 (OG100) is a private, invitation only, network of CEOs with the common objective of driving global growth for Ontario companies.

The mission of OG100 is to "accelerate the success of Ontario firms competing internationally."

OG100 hired Perceptible to create their brand, their web site and a private, collaborative, leadership network platform for large, high revenue companies located in Ontario. A structured member community where members can collaborate with each other, access information in real time and answer questions to help other members. They can join groups, book events and view webinars. With the Zaboutme integrated, engagement platform, on a single dashboard, OG100 makes its member community its main value proposition.

Deliverables Provided

  • Strategy/vision for a collaborative platform instead of a silo-drive intranet
  • Design and brand development
  • Creation of a public facing .org website to act as a recruitment tool for potential OG100 Members
  • IA and wireframe development
  • Implementation of Perceptible's Zaboutme Intelligent Engagement platform
  • Development of an on-boarding process, plus the set up of their CRM and Event management back end
  • Creation of various permissions and workflows to manage user interaction
  • Customization of privacy, communication preferences and permissions for Members and Staff
  • Site management training and a user manual 
  • Cloud hosting and support


Perceptible worked with OG100 to develop their member/user profile and then created the branding for this newly formed organization. Their site's were designed to ensure the best possible user experience for their audience and developed with functionality that addressed the needs of their target market.

The development of Perceptible's Zaboutme private, engagement network for OG100 allows their members to facilitated relationships and partnerships, have accessibility to business based resources and receive event notifications with quick registration capabilities. Their Zaboutme site also promotes and facilitates member communications between like-minded leaders, from a variety of industries and companies.


Perceptible created a comprehensive set of comps that demonstrated the various style attribute choices for the OG100 member network's functionality (buttons, headings, blocks etc.). A wireframe was developed for every page and then hosted on Invision's wireframe software so that OG100 could test and demo the pre-alpha site to potential members, before the actual configuration began.


Perceptible’s Zaboutme Intelligent, Engagement platform was implemented to provide all the features required to create a fully integrated member network. This functionality allows OG100 to easily create events and manage members and interactions. Using the Zaboutme engagement platform, OG100 is able to monitor member interactions with content (resources, events, and form submissions) as well as member interactions with other members (follows, groups, posts, comments and messages sent). Members are able to control their privacy and notification settings so that they can control email notifications for new resources, posts and member interest.

Measurable Result

Ontario Global 100's Zaboutme Private Member Network allows member CEO's to privately collaborate with each other, groups of their choosing and OG100 to accelerate their global growth objectives.