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Perceptible’s cost-effective open source configurations fast track businesses into enterprise class applications.

Zaboutme Intelligent Engagement Platform

We believe the next wave of communications requires outside-in thinking and a new approach to using the web to engage your multiple audiences. If every part of an organization is intelligently engaged, with the customer at the centre of everything they do, communication will flow, and your community will grow.

Zaboutme is an intelligent engagement platform that adds secure social and content sharing capabilities to online member relationship processes. The goal of a Zaboutme is to foster innovation by integrating knowledge management into business processes (with AI and analytics at the forefront) so members can share information and solve business problems more efficiently.

The Zaboutme Intelligent Engagement Platform is a 'next generation' web platform. It combines content management, private collaboration and AI capabilities. Zaboutme allows organizations to share content, promote innovation, manage process and develop a private collaborative community where member data remains hidden.

Today's end users want to interact naturally with organizations. It's not about you, it’s about me. Zaboutme is a new way for organizations to manage web-based customer relationships, marketing, content and transactions seamlessly on a single platform without multiple cloud subscriptions.

Zaboutme allows you to engage intelligently and effectively with all your constituents  - and with a single dashboard it is easy to manage.

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CRM Integration

Perceptible's CRM integration combines your website and CRM, so together they function better.

Don’t let your CRM just be a system that retains customer information based on manual entries. Instead integrate your website to bring in valuable customer information, directly into your CRM or vice versa.

CRM Integration

With up to 70% of the customer journey being done digitally, experts are now critical to help drive market visibility and customer connections. But given the challenges of managing detailed biographical, social and digital media content most organizations suffer from “invisible experts.”

The ExpertFile App is a global expert search engine that gives you a better way to manage and promote your expert content to increase your market visibility, website engagement and customer inquiries. We have plugged this into the Drupal platform with our new module app.

Clean Brain
Clean Brain

The objective of the Perceptible Clean Brain project is to have our Internet AI brain focus on your interactions and provide you with insight and access to all of your online knowledge quickly and easily and to enable better engagement around this knowledge between employees.

The value of having your own machine learning brain is as follows:

  • Quantified, system-wide knowledge
  • Accessible interface, that encourages collaboration
  • Knowledge that is no longer siloed - the “Brain” allows everyone to see what knowledge is available
  • Store organizational knowledge, so that it is not lost if an employee or subject matter expert leaves
  • Harness powerful machine learning to empower employees and managers with personal bot research assistants
  • Your machine learning brain learns and grows with your organization, becoming an enduring asset and a competitive advantage in the accelerating information age.

This enables better engagement between you and your communities - staff, customers, suppliers, prospects - everyone.