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STFE is a proven planning approach, developed over the past thirty years. STFE has taken many owners, companies and products to new heights. STFE is an organic process - and like most organic items - miss a step and the idea withers. The process delivers a quick positv impact on your business; STFE is a valuable,  conscious step forward that leads to growth and success.

What is STFE?

Stop, Think, Focus, Execute is a marketing and business logic process developed by Perceptible Founder, Philip Bliss. It is based on decades of experience and observation. It is a near infallible system that enables entrepreneurs and organizations to break through existing barriers, make tough decisions, re-assess and re-evaluate what is holding their business back.

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Anything is possible... I live by that, somewhat religiously and the truth is we all sort of end up ascribing to some bullshit rulebook at some point in time, and you just got to throw the rule book out... That's the STOP for me.

Julian Bolster
CEO & Executive Coach
STFE Thinking

Stop, Think, Focus, Execute is a system that prevails on every project we work on – business, creative, technical, campaign - everything. Using STFE we take the time to think deeply, consider implications, analyze opportunities and come up with winning solutions and new directions. As a result, we find things that will work for you and have a positive effect on your operations.

STFE Thinking
Are you ready for a framework that has helped the world’s greatest business people achieve success?