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Don’t have a social media presence for your business? Or think it’s too much hassle to manage and maintain it? Find it way to complicated to use social media to advertise? Noopsly is a social media ad builder and booking engine that makes social advertising easy.

What is it?

Noopsly is a social media advertising platform designed for businesses who don’t want to manage their social media ads themselves. It takes away all of the complexity of advertising on social media so that you can take advantage of the massive advertising reach provided by social media without actually managing any of it for yourself!

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How does it work?

You create ads using a simple wizard. You choose who you want to target and when you want your ad to run, write what you want to say, select an image from the library, choose how much you want to pay, and launch! Noopsly uses its own ad accounts so you don't even need to know such a thing exists. We use our own social media presences so you don't need to use yours, or even have any in the first place!

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